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Patio Aluminum Awnings

A Perfect Cover for Any Entrance

Wedge-shaped step-down awnings are a great way to protect your windows or doors from the heat of the sun as well as any weather damage. All our awnings are custom-made from only the finest materials and are available in a number of different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and styles to choose from. We specialize in durable aluminum and Lexan awnings.

The Protection Your Home Needs

Thanks to our window and door awnings, you'll keep your home cooler by blocking out the sun, while also protecting you from any harmful UV rays. Your energy bills will be reduced; also you won't need to crank up the A/C to stay comfortable during those hot summer months. Get started today by scheduling your FREE awning consultation. Just call or email Glendale  Awnings today!



Patio Aluminum Awning

A prefect shade cover for any entrance or patio.


Custom Price

Depends on Size



Patio Lexan Awning

The protection your home needs from rain, snow and more.


Custom Price

Depends on Size

Durability & Function for Outdoor Patios & Decks.

Glendale Awning Co is a New Jersey & New York City based contractor that provides professional Residential awning sales and installation.

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